How To Become GOD's True Devotee

Devotion is the most important of all the disciplines for God - realization. Not only this but all the disciplines end in devotion, Karmayoga & Jnanayoga etc. are means but supreme love is an end. Devotion is so extensive that it is at the beginning of every discipline and is also at the end. Devotion at the beginning of every discipline consists in the form of attraction towards God. Because, without attraction, no one can engage themselves in spiritual practice. At the end of a discipline devotion is transformed in to the form of supreme love, which enhances every moment – 'Madbhaktim Labhate Param' Gita.

When a yogi having realized his identity within God, regards all banging's alike, he has a unique attraction towards God and it enhanced every moment. That attraction has been called here Parabhakti (Supreme Devotion).

Therefore in "Bramasutra" the Dharma in the shape of the devotion for God has been declaed as superior to other "Dharmas" – "atastvi-rajyayo lingacca". (314139)

The keen desire of a devotee for God – Realization, rouses the desire in the Lord to meet his Devotee. None can create any hurdle in Lord's desire to meet his devotee. Then he removes all obstacles of a devotee, by his grace and reveals himself to him without consideration of his eligibility.

"Matparamah" – is he who regarding the Lord as the supreme, depends, only on him.

"Madbhakta" – He is devoted to the Lord i.e. he has admitted his relationship with the Lord, that only he is his and he only is his. This relationship develops devotion for him. Such a devotee beholds the Lord pervading everywhere. All the time in all persons, things and his own self. From the angle, that God is everywhere, he is also here. Being at all times, he is now pervading all beings and things, he is also in him. As he belongs to all, he is also his. He, who has such a belief, is the Lord's devotee.

The Lord declares 'yogaksemam Vahamyaham' Gita Yoga' means the provision of the means required, and 'Ksema' means security of what has been gained. 'Vahamyaham' – it means that as a mother, looks after her small child and provides him charily with all necessities. Similarly the Lord provides, all the means required by the devotees. 'To those, who worship me, alone thinking of none else. Who are ever devout, I provide, gain & security'.

The only duty of a devotee is to take refuge in God and to think of him only, then the Lord shoulders his full responsibility. The Lord, by showering his special grace on the devotee, enables him to overcome all obstacles and leads him to his attainment.

Therefore in the 'Brahmasutra' it is mentioned – 'visesanugrahasca' 3/4/38 by devotion to God, God showers his special grace on his devotee.

In fact God has already showered his mercy upon every human being but when a devotee takes refuge in God, he specially realizes that mercy.

The Lord declares:

Tatastam mriyamanantu kashta pashana santimam |
Aham smarami ma-bhaktam nayami paramam gatim. ||

Kaphabatadi doshena ma-bhakto na-cha-mam smaret |
Tasya smaramyaham no-chet kritaghno nasti tat-parah. ||

The Lord --- I myself think of the wood-like & stone-like devotee at the time of his death and bestow upon him for supreme state.

If a devotee at the time of death because of phlegm and wind etc. can't think of me I myself think of him. If I don't do so, no one else can be more ungrateful then.

'yaha sradhavan' Gita – He who has faith only in me, my glory and existence, worships me with his mind focused on me. 'Madgatenantaratmana mam bhajate'. When a striver, accepts the affinity that he is God's and God is his, and his mind gets engrossed in God automatically.

All activities, whether spiritual such as meditation, worship etc. or secular, such as eating, sleeping or pertaining to livelihood, such as farming, business or service etc. of a devotee who becomes only God's without having any attachment for the world are included in odonation.

Na-parameshyam na-mahendra-dhishniyam
na-sarvabhaumyam na-rashadhipatyam |

na-yoga siddhi-ra-punarbhabam
ba matyar-pitatme-chhyati mad-binanyat ||

It is declared by Lord Krishna in the Bhagabata 'devotees who have surrendered themselves to me have no desire to attain the seat, either of Brahma or Indra, the Lord of the Gods and on the kingdom of this world, or the underworld on all yogis perfection or even salvation. Srimad bhagavata 11/14/14.

Aratha na-dharama na-kama ruchi gati na-chahaun niravan |
Janama janama rati rama pada-yaha baradanu na-aan||
Manas -2/204.

Lord Rama also declares in the Rama Charita Manasa that he has no desire, either for reach or for righteousness, or for lost or even for salvation. But he wants to be blessed with the boom, that he should love (adore) Lord Ram's in all births.

In fact only God grants full refuge. As a baby raises it's hand to go to the lap of it's mother. The mother raises it up by catching it's hand. Similarly when a devotee by applying his power is inclined to God and propose himself for talking refuge in him. God grants him full refuge.

Arjuna wanted to get rid of sins; therefore the Lord said that he would liberate him from all sins because it is God's nature that how so ever a devotee seeks him so does meet him.

'Ye Yatha mam prapadyantate tam stathaiva bhajamyaham'