Dr. Acharya Chakradhara Ph.D. in Vāstuśāstra, Jyotishacharya & Vedacharya. Dr. Acharya is an astrologer par excellence. He has been practicing astrology for the last 16 years with tremendous success. His predictions on diverse issues have been very helpful to thousands of people who have sought his counseling and advice on such matters. His astrological predictions are always followed by pre-containary advice for leading a safe and trouble free life and time.

He studied Veda in Maharshi Sandipani Rastriya Veda Vidya Pratisthan, Ujjayani (M.P) this branch of Maharshi Veda Pathsala, vard palli, Maharshi garden, west Godavari Andhra Pradesh. Acharya Chakradhara had his education in the Gurukul from his early childhood. He learnt the ancient Vedic literature of India in the pastoral atmosphere of a "Gurukul". His tireless and focused studies of the Vedas, which are considered the fountainhead of all knowledge have shaped his spiritual knowledge. He has studied four Vedas, Sh. Acharya specialises in the Yajur Veda, which deals with the subtle nuances of Vedic Rituals. Over the years he has also achieved expertise in "Samhita", "Pada Patha", "Krama Patha", "Jatta Patha", & "Ghana Patha". Apart from these he has also studied Brihataranayak & Satpath Brahman.

He has studied Jyotish shastri in Jagannath University and awarded Gold Medal and Jyotishacharya in Vanaras Sampurna Nanda University, Varanasi (UP). He successfully completed PhD degree in Vastu Shastra from Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, New Delhi. He is a veda-specaislist as par Guru Parampara. He is well-versed in "Vedas, Jyotish & Vastu". This is a rare accomplishment in a Vedic scholar. He has deep knowledge in Indian philosophy (Upanishad, Vedanta etc.).

Apart from astrology Dr. Acharya Chakradhar is well versed in the knowledge of Vaastu, Palmistry, Yoga, Numerology, Ratna (gems) & Rudraksha.