Astrology - At Astro-Spritual under the divine blessings and grace of Maa Adyasakti, astrological specific remedies provided to solve deep rooted problems in the field of business, job, health, marriage, children, family etc and change the lives. Every individual is unique having born at a chosen time, when the celestial rays are in harmony with his/her individual karma of unalterable past and probable future results. Therefore, every case is interpreted independently by the intuitive wisdom of the Acharya, who can precisely detect the correct planetary afflictions, deficiency or doshas of the person and provide suitable solution. The medical astrology, where relationship between diseases and the planets is confirmed and has been a matter of research now and at Astro-Spritual astrology as a tool for diagnosing the disease is an excellent tool and its remedial measures has been providing successful benefit to thousands of persons consulted.