Spirituality – A Path To Follow & A Life To Lead

Vedic Counseling / Spiritual Counseling for a life of Fulfillment and Bliss.

Spiritualism refers to the divine and religious aspect of life, death, re-incarnation etc. The studies of Indian spiritualism centers around individual "Soul" or the "Jiva Brahma" which is an inseparable part of the "Absolute God" or the "Parambrahma"

In the modern world of consumerism, we tend to lose our natural moorings and direction. We are faced with the problems of the lack of belongingness and thereby suffer from the agony of moral and mental crises of different nature.

The motto of this site is to promote spirituality in the mind of man so that the he does not lose his way in the world of materialism.

The objective is to remove three fold agony (trividha dukhha) that human beings are eternally afflicted. These three fold agonies are, viz (1) Adhyatmika (mental agony) (2) Adhi bhautik (physical agony) (3) Adhidaivaik (natural calamities).

Every human is in constant search for happiness, which unfortunately eludes him. And at the end of the day he suffers from depression, frustration and disappointment.

Human beings achieve the blessings of both material and inner happiness on the basis of the influence of the three distinct aspects of nature viz. 'Satwa', 'Raja' and 'Tama'. This truth is described in the words of the God in the Bhagwat Gita in the following verse;
"Satwamrajastama itigunah prakruisambhah,
nivadhnti mahabaho dehe dehin mavyyam.

As the human body is a part of nature; it integrates the three aforesaid aspects of nature. Of all the three aspects, 'Satwa' is the best and noblest of all. This trait in human being dispels darkness. It is soothing, calming and comforting. This is a supernatural aspect of nature. When this 'Satwa Guna' grows in human beings, they indulge themselves in noble activities for themselves and also for the society as a whole. Activities like worship, charity, reciting scriptures, meditation etc should be done more and more so that an inner spirituality and purity develop in the heart and mind of human beings. In such a "Satwiki" state human beings experience profound spiritual feelings. This is the most ecstatic feeling of spiritualism. It heals the inner agony and injuries. It brings peace, concentration, fulfillment, and humbleness. In this state the mortals feel the magic touch of immortality.


This aspect of human nature creates and nourishes desire, fickleness, wants, and attachment. A single want gives birth to an unending chain of wants, which seek fulfillment in the material terms. This aspect leads human being to eternal unhappiness and subsequent disintegration of healthy human relationship.


This is the worst of the three aspects of human nature. This aspect inculcates and promotes the evils like ignorance, attachment, bondage, indolence, inactivity. Human being aspires for more and more possession of material wealth, who is under the evil spell of this aspect.

Hence, there is the need of living a pure life of charity, kindness, humbleness and also making a persistent effort to inculcate noble and lofty human values based on morality. In this context Ved Vyas has said the following words, "Charity gives happiness and selfishness brings agony".

Therefore we should make conscious effort for self-improvement on the path of spirituality. The cardinal principle of leading a life of fulfillment and happiness is to have 'shradha' meaning, love for all and faith in god. This is beautifully summed up in the following verse wherein it is said that the devotees of god are never afflicted by misfortune and agony of age and ailment and the vicious circle of birth and rebirth.

"Na vasudeva bhakatanamashubham vidyate kwachit
Janmamrutyujaravyadhibhayan naivopajayate."