Acharya Chakradhara is known to me since his childhood through his intellectual excellence and spiritual inclination. He has developed a rare quality of humanity, morality and spirituality along with a deep sense of Vedavidya, Jyotirvidya and Karmavidya. Within a short period, he has excelled and expertised the intrinsic knowledge of Shastras and successfully dealt with a good idea of problems of the ailing people through Jyotisha and Karmakanda.

I am astonished today by knowing that in Delhi when professional competition stands priority, he has been established and appreciated by a good number of people in his quarter of life. I hope and with that first Acharya Chakradhara would go ahead fastly with the help of divine wings of Jyotirvidya and Vedavidya.
Dr. Sadanand Dirashita

Acharya Chakradhara's spiritual counseling has been very precise for me and my family in tiding over the problems and agonies of life. He had gone all out to assure safety and security of health and peace of mind. My words fail to express my gratitude to him, who showed me ways to come out of the ‘Chakravyuha’ of worries, which had paralyzed me at a difficult time of my life. I bow myself before him in reverence.
R. K. Das

I feel great pleasure today that I got the oppourtunity to express my feelings towards Acharya Jee. I know Acharya Jee from about five years and since I met Acharyajee, the meaning of my life and the way of my life have changed. Acharyajee has improved my spiritual life.

I and my family has a great faith in Acharyajee.
Yadvendra Singh, President of BJP Delhi Unit

"Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara,
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah"

My life is for Acharya. He has been the light of happiness in days of darkness. He is above all for me and my family. He is my GURU.

He is the Guide, Philospher & inspiration for me.

I have developed financially, prosperity in my life since 2003 & all is because of Achary's Guidance.

I know Acharya Chakradhara since five years, by consulting with him about my problems in personal life and family. I can say without any hesitation that Acharya Chakradhara as a Jyotirvid, his prediction regarding all kind of problems is cent-percent satisfactory and of course a fact. He is marvelous devoted priest to worship the God through karmakanda. He is also a well adviser regarding peace in life of human being. His helping nature is praise worthy and he is available to help any human being at any moment. Acharya’s devotion to the God is appreciable and one must collect some such type of devotional qualities by following him. Now he is qualified Acharya (M.A.) in both Falita and Siddhant Jyotisha and continuing Ph.D. in same subject. He is a student of Vedic tradition and recites four Vedas with traditional parampara. His worshiping with Vedic background is highly appreciable by the people.

Now a huge number of his followers are justifying his scholarship and qualities. Anyone, who comes to him with problems, no doubt, returns without or with solutions of these. So I must say undoubtfully, Acharya Chakradhara is a personality of rich Jyotisha Knowledge, plenty devotional aptitudes and collection of successful advices.

I wish more and more success in his life.

Acharya Chakradhar is a simple, honest and soft-spoken person. I have acquaintance with him for over six years. During this period a number of times I sought his service to overcome problems like, depression, frustration, discontentment apart from education, career of children etc. He has a unique approach in solving mundane problems of human being. Though he has good knowledge of astrology yet he always tries to solve the problem in a spiritual way. He advises to overcome the problems by explaining relevant verses and substances from Veda and Puran (mythology). His approach to solve the family and personal problems through pooja and havan for overall prosperity is appreciable.

He is not the person to exaggerate the things to satisfy selfish motive. He always ready to share his knowledge with others to lead a life with peace, prosperity and divinity. He guides people to follow the path of spiritualism, to devote God, to nurture good manner with fellow human being to attain peace, prosperity and satisfaction in life. He can make you understand how to convert negative energy into positive energy to overcome mental tension, diseases, selfish attitude and such other negative attributes by embracing spiritualism. I am sure; whoever comes across Acharyaji would feel he has gained some thing in the course of his life. I can say he is just a jewel for the society to enlighten others.

He is an expert in karmakanda - a methodical approach to worship God in Hinduism. He is proficient in studying horoscopes and solving related problems in simplest method.

I wish him all success in the journey of spiritualism and service to mankind.

Acharya Chakradhara has been our purohit for annual hawan performed in office campus as well as for all puja's in the family. We hold him in great reverance for his simplicity, vedic knowledge devotion as a pujari, and above all for enlightening us with pauranik and vedic thoughts, which are appropriate and highly relevant today in the context of our search both for success and happiness. Acharya is himself a personification of the hindu way of life and interacting with him gives one and all a spiritaul good feel factor. He has studied ancient scriptures in academic format and hence with great elequence he is able to recite and explain thereafter in Hindi the essence of the scriptures. This ability of the Acharya makes the ritual of Hawan and Puja a great experience for those performimg and attending, taking them through a journey of hindu spirituality embodying faith and blending it with todays way of life. Acharya and those like him are our only hope of preserving the great Hindu culture and more important than that performance of puja in the right format and manner as enshrined in the vedas.

My heartiest wishes to Acharya Chakradhara, who is not only a great astrologer but also a great spiritual guide.

I know Acharyaji for last 5 years. He has a lot of knowledge; one can feel immediate relief even on a short meeting. I forget all my sorrow/pain and get a lot of positive energy whenever I meet him and my faith towards Almighty increases.

Whenever I face any problem I contact Acharyaji without a second thought and when I meet him I feel there is no problem for which I was so much worried. I’ve benefited a lot after consulting him over last 5 year, so also my whole family has a lot of faith in Acharyaji and follow all his advices.

This society needs such rare knowledgeable persons, who guides and helps unconditionally. Everyone should get benefited from his knowledge. Prey him a long life to serve others.

I know Achrayaji for last seven years when I was struggling for a job after completion of my masters. I was going through depression for my household problems and financial problems. I came to know Acharyaji through my brother-in-law. At the first time I was not impressed looking at him. But when I came to know about him and his great sense of spirituality and astrology I became a devote of him. I had gone through a lot of problems in life and every time I come across any problem I come to Acharyaji for astrological and spiritual guidance. I still madly believe in him and he will always be a god like person in my life. I hope people will get good help and guidance from him. May "MAA DURGA" spread her blessing to people through him, the society needs such godly persons to guide them out of their miseries.

Myself Manoj Kumar Das, presently residing at Mumbai, was stationed at New Delhi from 2002 to 2007. My greatest reverence to Acharya Chakradhara Kar Sharma who has been a friend, philosopher and guide since my acquaintance with him at Delhi.

He has helped me a lot during my struggling days at Delhi. I was suffering from a severe disease (Jaundice) in 2004. I was preparing for Civil Services at that time at Delhi. I did not have the courage to inform my family at Orissa about it. He looked after me and took proper care like an elder brother so that I could recuperate from such a fatal disease.

Also during my struggling days when I was unemployed, he gave me moral support. I could learn a lot about what spirituality is all about and how we can face life when we are passing through odd times in our life.

Acharyaji is a true devotee of “Matrushakti” and I could learn a lot about meditation from him. Meditation helped me a lot to pass through my bad phases of life. I know him personally. He has passed through tough times in his life. In spite of such challenges he has come out successful. Everyone should learn from his life.

He loves mankind to the core of his heart and lends his helping hands, those who ask help from him and have faith on him. In total he is a simple, spiritual, kind hearted, helping and hardworking man. I have much respect for him. I love, respect and wish him all the best.

Acharya Chakradhar is hard to describe. Words are insufficient to carry my thoughts and feelings toward my revered guru who has shown me the path of happiness, the path of self-realisation. Although it was a chance encounter that took me to him, but now I realise that it was rather a divine intervention.

During the worst phase of my life when the whole world seemed to be shattered to pieces, I met the Acharya, and he was not kind to me; on the contrary, he was harsh toward me--reminding me of my the errors in in the way I was living my life, conducting myself in the world, and the faults in my thought- and belief-system. He warned me in the strongest words possible that I must correct myself before it is too late, and he induced bhakti in me, so much so that everything started to fall in the right place, and soon the miracle of the God dawned upon me.

I am now living a very happy life, without miseries and sorrows, full of love for oneself and others. It is a new world.

I am most indebted to him for showing the light.

This is my great pleasure and I have been honored to write few words. However it is very difficult to write Acharyaji in few words. Acharyaji is a man of veda, jyotish sastra and a person who has a very vast knowledge about Sastra. Before writing it is necessary to how I amd benefited by Acharyaji’s knowledge.

Myself retired from Indian Air Force in 2005, where I was getting a meager salary. Within these 3 years I started my life from grass-root level and presently in a very good position with very good social status after meeting Acharyaji.

Acharyaji is a great scholar of Veda who has studied Vedas for his whole life, i.e. present he is only 28 years and within this short span he has mastered all the Vedas, Sastras and philosophy. He is a man of great knowledge, when you meet him you will get positive energy and gain a lot. My personal experience shows that Acharya Ji has strong ability to change anyone. After meeting Acharya Ji I got my dream job, my life is much better and I'm inclined towards spiritualism. Acharyaji is a complete man in this time having a intent to help others always and helping mankind do someting for society.

Here, I take great pleasure in putting forth my personal view about Sri Acharya Chakradhara ji, who is a very versatile person with vast knowledge in the field of Veda, Astrology, Vastu etc. based on the foundation of spiritual meaning. Sri Acharya is very kind hearted, honest & dedicated person in his approach to everything he interacts. His devotion & faith in Divinity is un-disturbing & that quality makes others feel better in his presence. His prediction using Indian Astrology is very practical remedies provided by him is very effective also. To the best of knowledge, thousands of people have been benefited by following his honest advice & guideline in diverse filed in their life.

I feel great pleasure today that I got opportunity to express my feeling towards the Acharya Ji. I know Acharya Ji from about five years & since I met Acharya ji, the meaning of my life has changed. Acharya ji has improved my spiritual life.

My family & I have a great faith in Acharya ji.

Prior to my meeting with Acharya Chakradhara Ji, my life was full of uncertainties in terms of job, finance and others. Mentally I was very worried & sometimes fearful, life had no charm and I lost smile on my face. At that time I had also consulted some astrologers but without result. It was just loss of money & time and mostly lost faith in astrology.

I met Acharyaji just 3 years back through one of my friend. I felt lets try and see and after having some interactions with him I could feel the overall change in financially, spiritually & mentally and I was compelled to believe that astrology has real power as it was guided by the person having such high level of knowledge. I am feeling really lucky to come in the contact of such knowledgeable person, who has rescued me from that miserable condition and my lost believe, from the blessing of Acharyaji my future life will be secured and peaceful.

About Acharya Ji, he has profound knowledge of Veda, Astrology & Philosophy. In the universe, veda is treated as the heightest level of knowledge and astrology is the part of veda. Spirituality is the combination of both veda and astrology. Acharya Ji has acquired all such knowledge perfectly and what I beleive in the present time, such type of personality is rare. People are comming to him with different problems and Acharya Ji is solving their problems and giving accurate prediction with proper remedies. Hope people those, who are suffering, once should meet Acharya Ji to solve their problems and enjoy rest of their life.

Its is my pleasure to introduce ACHARYA through this article. I know his since 3½ years. Acharya Chakradhara is par excellence in various fields like Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu Shastra, Vedas and other related fields. His teaching and guidance to us in dealing the life is very helpful. His predictions about the life and future are very accurate. These valuable advises and teachings are practically required to lead a successful life. He always teaches us to dedicate the life in service of God and do everything and take every step with the blessing of the God. God is almighty and everything is possible through God.

I sincerely appeal everybody to be in contact with him. Through him and his teaching dedicate their life in the service of God and get success in their respective life.

I am Rahas Mohanty, a man belive in work, having very less belief in Astrology. I came in contact with Acharyaji 3 years back. He is the first astrologer to whom I met and discuss about my future. From the very day of meeting with Acharyaji, he told in detail about my character and my past history. Slowly and gradually I interacted with him and build a strong relation with him. I found him, a man having deep knowledge about veda, religion (hindu), philosophy, astrology and deep belief and knowledge of Indian culture.

He is a person having selfless heart, always ready to help/guide me, also helped me to worship Adi-Shakti in a proper manner. I strictly follow his guidance that he gives from time to time. I got success in my life in a short time.

I view Acharyaji, a man always ready to help/guide each human for a better future and his service will help to build a better society for our nation.

Guruji Pranam. This is not easy to tell about you in a small paper. You are the real GURU in our life. We found our way towards life through you. We got GOD's blessing through you. We get Lord Krishna as our son, who gives us everything as required in our life. Today I have everything Guruji. Thanks I have no words to express my gratitude for your blessing and guidance.

Astrology is the main source of Spiritual life. Everyman should believe in this Spirituality to guide their living style in a dignified way. Overall the origin of everything is directly related to the Astrospiritual science. In my case, I strictly and strongly belive in Vaidik, Vaastu and Satsang. From Satsang I learn something like sincerity, obedience, lovingness, mental peace and others. Very frequently I visited Acharya’s residence to gather knowledge in career making, maintaining a peacefully family life and harmony in day-to-day busy schedule.

No doubt, Acharya Chakradhara is the man of substance having depth and complete knowledge in all aspect of Astrospiritual science like veda, satsang, vaastu and other karmakanda. In my contact period (over 5/6 years) he has guided me a lot to control my anxiety, expenditure, health, living style, business, career & others. Every moment I ask to solve my problems when I became confused. In case of “KARMAKANDA” he is excellent and his MANTRA, JAPA are quite touchable to the core of the heart of every human being.

After meeting him I came to know about the details of Astrology and its power. Without prediction nobody can do the best. With the help of knowledge once can bring everything to light from the dark. The most important moment is my son’s arrival in this new world. Under his spiritual guidance I learnt Mantras and other Adhyatmikta and easily I have been blessed by a son.

God may bless him. I wish him all the best for his bright future.

Having known Acharya ChakradharJi for the past 3 years I can testify with confidence that he is an accomplished Acharya in the matters of astrology, karmakand and knowledge of Vedic traditions. It is rare now a days to find a personality like him.

In 2007 our family was fortunate to have PanditJi guide us and conduct the Bratopanayana (sacred thread ceremony) of my son Anurag. In 2009 he has again been very kind to perform the Bratopanayana of my youngest son Arabind. Both these ceremonies were followed by Satyanarayan Poojas at our residence. My family and friends present on these occasions have immense satisfaction of these Anusthans (ceremonies/Poojas).

I pray to God that the talent of Panditji blossom far and wide and that more and more people benefit from it.

I knew Acharya from last four year. It was an excellent experience. He is a man of devotee, have true faith on God. He has very good knowledge of astrology, vastu, palmistry etc. I came with deep trouble in my life but he shown the true right direction and may to overcome this difficulties my entire friend circle are now in the touch of Acharya, everybody got benefited. He provides proper path & a spiritual guideline to human kind.

I have strong faith on astrology. It helps to every man to move on a right way without facing any problem. I have strong faith on Acharya Chakradhara as a good astrologer. He has good knowledge in Veda, Brahmasutra, Upanisad, Vastu etc. He has excellent quality in astrology, which helps to a man to moves in a right direction with same spiritual and moral power as compared to the other astrologer.

He is also a good adviser for me in my social and family life. When I feel mental imbalance in my day-to-day life period, he guide me on a right way with good advises. I pray before god for his future success due to his honesty and helpful nature.

My personal feeling is that everyone should touch Mr. Chakradhara Acharya and get spiritual and moral knowledge from him.

It is my great pleasure to share few lines of my association with Acharyaji, I know Acharyaji since last few years. He is best advisor regarding Jyotish, a master in solving all kind of problems and performing all kind of worships. He is a kind hearted person and of helpful nature.

I wish him every success in his life.

As I am a human being, I knew Acharyaji personally since 5 years. What I was in years back in comparison to present period, there is a huge change for me. Because I got lot of spiritual blessing, perfect way of pray to God, future astrology systems. I am happy with his personality. He is a kind hearted helping attitude person. He is a good philosopher, good guider at the time of bad time of a person.

Five year back I was in a poor condition, after meeting with him, I got a good God blessing through him. He helped me a lot and I grew up. I am in better position how as he is an astrologist, philosopher, vedic knowledgeous person.

As per my observation, Acharya Ji is man having very good personality, who can give us idea about spiritual path. I know him since 2002, but unfortunately I had not gained since 2007. From begining of 2007 I realised his knowledge on spiritual knowledge and astrological capabilities. He is a man who can give right direction for solving personal problem & future prosperity. He is a good Jyotishcharya, his predictions are very accurate. He helped me for clearing my final paper of ICWAI.

At the outset, I'm introducing about Acharya Ji, very few lines, because of I spent a little bit time with him. My views - I belive in God, my parents are living God to me, but Acharya Ji is a person who is showing the right path of real life. I felt, Acharya Ji is a very realistic person, very co-operative and nobel human being, who is giving a lot of service to the society and doing his best through these nobel works. Life is very short and precious. Everybody should utilise their life in best possible way guided by a person like Acharya Ji.

We have met Acharya Chakradhara through one of our friend. We found that he is a man of excellence. His predictions are miracle. In his young age he is a man of wisdom. We strongly recomend to consult him with full privacy. He not only gives the solution to the problem but also guide with proper remedies.

I know about Acharya Chakradhara jee since 2 years. He is very co-operative and familiar in Astrology. He is still devoting his life in God worship without giving any greatness. He has an excellent knowledge on Veda.

I came to know Acharya through one of our common friend. Since then I am in touch with him. His predictions are excellent. In his young age he has reached to the height of astrology world. In my life I came accross so many astrologer but Acharya is an exceptional. He gives the remedies with successful results for life and career building. One should consult him with full confindentionality.

I know Acharyaji for last 4 years, One of my friend Mr. Ranjan Mohanty introduced me with Acharya Ji and it is really my good luck. Whenever I required Acharya Ji, he came stand with me at the time of needs. He is very lovely and knowledgable person. He has guided me a lot about Veda and Spirituality. He has a vast knowledge about karmakanda, worshiping, yoga etc. I prey to God for his success and a long life so that he can spread his knowledge to everyone in the society.