Bhakti Binas Yoga

|| atyaharah prayasascha prajalpo niyamagrahh |
janasangascha lolyamncha sadbhir bhaktirvinasyati

ati-aharah = overeating or too much collecting;
prayasah = overendeavouring;
ca = and;
prajalpo = idle talk;
niyama = rules and regulations;
agraha = too much attachment to (or agraha = too much neglect of);
jana-sangash = association with worldly-minded persons;
ca = and;
laulyam = ardent longing or greed;
ca = and;
sadbhih = by these six;
bhaktih = devotional service;
vinasayati = is destroyed

One's devotional service is spoiled when he becomes too entangled in the following six activities:

  1. eating more than necessary or collecting more funds than required;
  2. overendeavoring for mundane things that are very difficult to obtain;
  3. talking unnecessarily about mundane subject matters;
  4. practicing the scriptural rules and regulations only for the sake of following them and not for the sake of spiritual advancement, or rejecting the rules and regulations of the scriptures and working independently or whimsically;
  5. associating with worldly-minded persons who are not interested in Om Ma consciousness; and
  6. being greedy for mundane achievements